Join the Team

Climate Action Tech – CAT and Developers for Future and many more support the global climate strike on 20 September with the action: digital climate strike. We want to get some of the biggest sites on the net to show at least a banner and an explanation, or to completely shut down the site. To do this we start an ambitious campaign to have as many pages as possible – large and small.

And we need YOUR HELP!

We are already a team of dedicated and enthusiastic people around the globe, including some of the best campaigning professionals in the world – but we are still too few, so we need you, and you and your friends!

We have no guarantee that we can do it – the goal is ambitious and we do not have much time. But we have a strong motivation: we want everyone to hear the protests, talk about the strike and, above all, about the climate crisis and why Fridays for Future and all of us are protesting. We want to do our part so that our children and grandchildren can find a livable world.

Help us to achieve this great goal – that will be historic!

The first goal – a strong core team for coordination, communication, media, technology – has been achieved!

Now we need a broad base of volunteers and their coordination. Address your friends and acquaintances, your employer and colleagues – urge everyone to take part in the strike directly, through their website and through retransmission via clubs, professional associations, trade unions ….

We do it all voluntarily, without pay and we can not offer you any money for it. Only the participation in a great team for probably the biggest challenge of this time.

Please contact us – even if you have questions.

We are running out of time – let’s go!