How To

Plugins for popular CMS – work in progress

You haven’t found a suitable solution yet?

The black-out page is just a single HTML-file. If you can save files on your web server proceed as follows:

  • Open the FTP program and connect to your server or go to the web FTP
  • Download this file here: down.html (right-click -> save target as) and copy it via FTP to your root directory
  • there you will find the file index.html or index.php or index.*
  • rename the file. For example, in the original index.* Make sure that you change the letters behind the dot under any circumstances!
  • now rename the file down.html to index.html
  • Call up your page – now the shutdown page should be displayed
  • If you want to cancel the action delete the index.html and rename your original index.*
  • Back to index.* again
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Thanks a lot!