Green out web pages on September 20

On September 20, there will be a strike – also online! We want to stop business as usual!

We demand the media:

  • report daily on the climate crisis, as you report on stock market prices, jobs and sports; update us daily on wildfires – Arctic, Amazon, Africa. Tell us how the well-known tipping-point locations develop – permafrost, rain forest, ice cap.
  • you have to make the climate crisis visible and understandable, that is your very own task!

We demand the politicians:

  • act now, we as individuals can not stop the climate crisis
  • listen to science and get experts instead of lobbyists
  • abide by the oath of office that you took!

Digital Climate Strike – join in!

Logo Digital Climate Strike

On September 20th we take our pages off the net – everyone strikes!

More information on how to bring the strike to your website: – here you find a dedicated WordPress-Plugin

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Hint: This list is not final and will continue to grow!